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La Biographie de TryAnything:
Sexe: Homme
Poids: Moyen
Hauteur: Grand(e)
Emplacement: Thailand
Orientation: Bi
Intéressé Par: Rien
Statut: Pas de réponse
Fume : Non
Bois : Occasionnellement
Fétiches: Aucun(e)
Animaux de compagnie: Aucun(e)
User Number: 175520
Member Since: December 9, 2002
Dernière Modification: November 24, 2017
Quelques mots de TryAnything:

I've been writing since about 1995 and have never until I submitted a few stories to Literotica had anyone read anything I've written. I have been absolutely astonished beyond words at the response to my stuff. I write from the sordid depths of my imagination, secret desires, and personal experiences.

I truly appreciate the feedback I have received, even from those few who don't like the length or content of my stories. Can't please everyone all the time...I make no pretense at being a writer, but I do love exploring different ideas that lurk in my head. I find it most fun to play with the taboos, the so-called outside-the-box perversions that a 'normal' & 'moral' society would impose upon people. That means sex outside wedlock, with the same sex, with different races, with immediate and not so immediate family (incest). So if any of these ideas offend you, you don't want to read my stuff. But otherwise, please keep reading, hopefully enjoying, being stimulated in so many different ways, and letting me know what you think.

Thanks much.

Update: Nov 2008

I've been away, very busy with my life these past 2-3 years, therefore I had no time to write. I think things are calming down -- moving halfway around the world can be amusing, believe me -- and I am looking forward to enjoying my 'writing' hobby once again. I hope this tickles some fancies, and I also hope it blows some fuses. The intolerant ones who write to me are the most fun, all of the hundreds of others are deeply appreciated....TryAnything

Addendum: Jan 22, 2009

I have been so blown away by the responses to my stories lately, but one thing really stands out for me: people are actually realizing that this is FANTASY, not REALITY. OMFG, People, get real. LMMFAO. :) If this is where you come for reality...

Please keep up the emails, especially the negative ones. They are just the best: narrow minded, racists, you name it. I just love it all.

Update: June 2011

Well, seems life never stops being busy or busier. That's how it's been. I've managed to write a couple of new stories and have posted them. I've decided to assume for the sake of my erotic fantasies that everything takes place in a world without STDs. Makes it much easier and a hell of a lot more fun.

Thanks again for all the great emails. They're really appreciated. I make it a point to try to answer each and every one of them.

Addendum: 2014

Well, 7 years in Holland was a great experience, but the sun beckoned and I've relocated to the fabulous Algarve of Portugal. This is a place outside of time and the bullshit of 'normal' society. My kind of place.

December 2017

About a year ago I moved to fantastic Thailand. I don't have enough superlatives to describe life here, but it is absolutely perfect for a person like me. Looking forward to writing again.

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