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Cette page affiche une liste d'histoires et/ou de poèmes que cet auteur a publié sur Literotica.

Ex-Marine Hubby: 2 Part Series
Ex-Marine Hubby Ch. 01 (3.84)Obedient Subby. BDSM 08/06/16
Ex-Marine Hubby Ch. 02 (3.74)Vietnamese Domme kicks her exMarine buttboi's balls!? BDSM 08/10/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees: 7 Part Series
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 01 (3.43)Femdom Monarch : muscular buttboi ....spankin' BDSM 09/04/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 02 (3.53)More queendom, spankin', sodomy, role reversals. BDSM 09/09/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 03 (4.20)Maledom, womanly rumps roasted ...Smaaak !!! BDSM 09/10/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 04 (3.33)Maledom: queenly surrender to Her Yogi. BDSM 09/15/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 05 (3.25)Slut-spanked, surrendered Royal Princess. BDSM 09/16/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 06 (4.67)Lovey-dovey BDSM couple. BDSM 09/19/16
Hubby Drop To Thy Knees! Ch. 07 (3.75)Role reversals 'n spankings... sexual plotting. BDSM 09/29/16
Husband, Drop to Thy Knees! Immediately! Ch. 01 (2.16)A domme queen and her spanked sub prince consort!? BDSM 02/15/18
My Aggressively Horny Buttocks! (2.64)An esoteric yogic technique; jacknifing back into my submissive woman. Comment Faire 12/28/16
My Late Son: 2 Part Series
My Late Son: A95 (3.64)How I landed in the middle of a Gangwar in Mumbai's tumultuous Underworld. Sci-Fi & Fantaisie 12/12/16
My Late Son: A95 Ch. 02 (4.25)All the characters are above 18 in this story. Non-Humain 12/19/16
Self-spanking Science (3.15)Mystery of self-spanking by men revealed. BDSM 12/29/16
She Kneed Me in the Balls Ch. 01 (2.70)Feminist wife ambushes unsuspectin' Hubby! BDSM 08/15/16
The Big Bootied Latina and her Gigolo: 2 Part Series
The Big Bootied Latina and her Gigolo Ch. 01 (3.60)A Fiery Brazilian Domme tames a Macho Italian Stud!?! BDSM 02/07/18
The Big Bootied Latina and her Gigolo Ch. 02 (4.00)Cont. of Latina Big Bootied Amazon & a toned, chiseled, gigolo! BDSM 02/08/18
The Succubus 'n The Yogi Ch. 01 (2.25)I was attacked last night as I sat in the Padmasana pose. Horreur Erotique 12/12/16
# DryFisting (4.00)#DryFisting De la Poésie Erotique 11/08/18
# MeToo........??? (3.75)# MeToo De la Poésie Erotique 11/01/18
#Shetoo: 2 Part Series
#Shetoo (5.00)10 years ago he spanked her...... Poésie Non-Erotique 06/15/18
#SheToo [erotic] (5.00)10 years ago: he smacked her arse.... De la Poésie Erotique 06/19/18
#SheToo[ illustrated] (3.17)a man spanked a gal, 10 years ago.... De la Poésie Illustrée 07/05/18
'You , i will Obey!' (3.19)a Painslut recites Litany of Submission.... De la Poésie Illustrée 05/25/17
(U) Rain / e (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/11/16
...'does' vs. Happens !!! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/05/15
........Adapted (4.57) De la Poésie Erotique 11/14/14
........Nothingnes is............. (4.80) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/21/15
........Truth (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/17/15
.......Nice (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/18/16
.......the Silkworm (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/05/15
......a quickie (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/29/15
......anti - climax (4.33)He soulfully gazed into Poésie Non-Erotique 06/11/16
......BDSM Permutashuns'! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/27/15
......Ice bergs (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/15/15
......the Death Penalty (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/09/15
......Yoni Pooja (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/25/14
.....a discarded cigarette..... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/11/15 Rhino / white Texan (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/10/15
.....Compact... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/13/15
.....Nostalgia (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/05/15
.....Simple (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/05/15
....cold , foggy London night .Pt2 (4.40) De la Poésie Erotique 06/16/14
....everyday ....trivia.... (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/09/15
....flight of pigeons (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/30/16
...? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/29/14 Illusory Pleasure ..... (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 11/09/14
...Children of a Lesser God (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/23/14
...go Forward (5.00)Optimism distilled Poésie Non-Erotique 08/11/17 Victorian London (4.83) De la Poésie Erotique 06/13/14
...Lady Shark CBT ??! (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 08/12/15
...non-feelingness (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/29/15 a Creature of the Night ...... (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/10/13
..with her own Rattan (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/08/17
2 Thorns..... (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/23/14
2068 : Hit or Miss ....??? (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/05/13
3 word Story (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/14/14
3D Clarity: 2 Part Series
3D Clarity (4.17) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/02/13
3D Clarity Redux (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
50 different kinds of S-M erotica (3.27) De la Poésie Erotique 04/12/12
50 kinds of Role Reversals (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/12/12
50 year old Bare Bottomed Baby! (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 03/27/12
50-Million Heist (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/26/13
9 Faces of the Absolute ! (4.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/27/12
9 Names of God (3.17) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/07/15
? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/04/15
A Sari-clad Lady ..... (4.33) De la Poésie Erotique 04/03/13
A 3-word story..... (5.00)Mix-up Poésie Non-Erotique 03/17/17
a Biker Couple !?! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/21/13
A Brit sentence (5.00)Unlike an American sentence this has a very British milieu Poésie Non-Erotique 06/13/17
a Cannon @ Cave entrance ... (2.50) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
a coincidence ........? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/12/14
A cryptic message (3.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/09/13
A disruptive, addictive compulsion (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/05/13
a Door in the head ...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/24/13
A flash of taut derriere (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/24/13
A Fucker-cum-Fuckee ! (4.40) De la Poésie Erotique 05/31/12
a gal with a gun..... (5.00)an inappropriate sex limerick De la Poésie Erotique 04/07/18
a Man with a whip: 2 Part Series
a man with a whip!2 (x.xx)inappropriate limerick De la Poésie Erotique 04/07/18
a Man with a whip..... (5.00)politically inappropriate verse De la Poésie Erotique 04/07/18
A Mixed Victory! (4.60) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/17/12
A movie actress (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/09/14
A Nightmare (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/19/13
A Poet's Dilemma ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/25/12
A Poet's pen... (5.00)My opinion Poésie Non-Erotique 04/05/17
A quickie (3.00)His heart, soul and urine De la Poésie Erotique 03/19/17
A riddle (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/14/13
a Royal Bastard (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/06/13
A sad man is a sadist ! (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/27/13
a simple .....truth ....... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/03/14
a single child ....... (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/25/14
A Spankiu (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/13/16
A Stranger @ the Window (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/21/14
a Tennis racquet meets........ (2.62)Thump........ De la Poésie Illustrée 06/09/16
a Thong-a-thon ........?! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 02/25/15
a Train called Time............ (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/09/14
a Voracious reader....... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/21/15
A"propah" Victorian Spankin'! (1.67) De la Poésie Erotique 05/30/13
aami tomar pod maarbo (x.xx)spanking between Bong couple. De la Poésie Erotique 04/22/18
Absolute Reality (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/06/14
Accountant's Rear (2.85)Our accountant's sexy rear! De la Poésie Illustrée 12/29/16
Acronyms (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/11/12
Activities (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/08/16
Adapted [illustrated] (2.00) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
adulterous thighs (3.53)a slutty unfaithful girl is spanked on adulterous thighs!!! De la Poésie Illustrée 04/25/17
Afrodites from Africa (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 10/04/15
after...San Bernardino (2.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/06/15
Age-Play as BDSM ...... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/22/15
alertness...... (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/10/13
All look Same...... (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/19/16
ALS Challenge (3.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/25/14
American Sentence: 2 Part Series
American Sentence (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/12/14
American Sentence Dec'16 [one] (3.33) De la Poésie Erotique 12/24/15
An accident (3.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/16/15
an Ayatollah meets CrusaderKnight (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/19/14
an Eternal Truth (5.00)sexual urge Poésie Non-Erotique 07/23/16
An old Vietnamese Proverb (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/26/13
an Unspoken Contract (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/16/14
An unusual Role-Reversal ! (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/19/13
an Urban Sentence ....... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/17/16
Ancient Hymn (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/26/14
Ancient Master (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/01/14
Ancient Zoarashtrian Wisdom (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/19/13
And the Oscar goes to ......... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/27/13
animal-Human Trust-impotence (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/11/13
Ankylosing Spodylysis (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/13/15
APJ Abdul Kalam (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/23/15
appeal of Football (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/21/14
Appropriate Behavior! (3.11)Illustrated appropriate behavior! De la Poésie Illustrée 01/18/18
Appropriate Etiquette (5.00)on sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior ??! De la Poésie Erotique 12/05/17
archer-arrow-target (5.00)archer, arrow'n target: as one becometh!!! Poésie Non-Erotique 05/31/18
Arise , Awake & Engorge !! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/15/13
Arise O Poet (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/05/13
as March 8 approacheth ... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/29/16
Asexual Superpower ! (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/17/12
Avatar (3.50)He who takes U-turns Poésie Non-Erotique 06/12/16
Bad Newz ?! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/15/14
Balance (3.67)Ass-Face Balance De la Poésie Illustrée 01/18/18
Bard of Cards ! (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/28/12
BDSM: 7 Part Series
BDSM (1.75) De la Poésie Erotique 05/31/14
BDSM --illustrated (3.67) De la Poésie Illustrée 05/12/15
BDSM 2 (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/17/14
BDSM Life (2.50)His Lordship spanks his own Ass De la Poésie Illustrée 11/17/16
BDSM statement (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/28/16
BDSM Yoga (3.00)the Vaginal lip De la Poésie Erotique 10/27/16
BDSM Yoga---Illustrated (3.06)the Vaginal lip De la Poésie Illustrée 11/17/16
BDSM Yoga: 2 Part Series
BDSM Yoga (3.00)the Vaginal lip De la Poésie Erotique 10/27/16
BDSM Yoga---Illustrated (3.06)the Vaginal lip De la Poésie Illustrée 11/17/16
beautiful faces (3.67)an observashun' !? De la Poésie Erotique 12/25/17
Beauty (3.38)Female De la Poésie Illustrée 05/25/17
Beliefs vs. Reality !?! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/25/13
Bengaluru..... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/08/16
Bill's Gaffe (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/30/13
Bipodey morey rokshya koro.... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/22/16
Birth of a God (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/20/14
Bitch / slut Wolf /alpha (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 10/17/12
Bites (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/26/14
Bitter ironical truth (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 08/17/16
Black Coffee , White Moon: 2 Part Series
Black Coffee , White Moon (2.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/29/13
Black Coffee , White Moon [illustrated] (3.00) De la Poésie Illustrée 02/04/16
Black plus White (5.00)Black Coffee......White the land of the Ganges Poésie Non-Erotique 10/30/17
Blank (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/23/12
Bleak , sordid truth (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/04/13
Bleak..Dark ...Black (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Blemishless Mature Buttocks (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 09/11/12
Bliss----Haibun (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
blur of grey (5.00)thoughts , process.......blink Poésie Non-Erotique 05/13/17
blurry (3.00)hand spanks rump : plump greets stern separate identityburn De la Poésie Erotique 05/16/17
Bobbitize a Strap-on !....... (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 08/25/15
Bonny Pirate Annie (2.64)Google Pirate Annie Bonny........ De la Poésie Illustrée 01/18/18
Born Brain Dead (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/14
Botticelliean Wife (3.44) De la Poésie Illustrée 08/14/15
Bottom Fetish (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/31/13 blank..?? (4.33)Neglected globes...... De la Poésie Erotique 10/15/17
Brahmacharyed not ejaculated (3.00)Will-powered, Root-locked , Erect Chaste Lingam/Penis! De la Poésie Erotique 05/02/18
Brain (4.00)Brain..... De la Poésie Illustrée 09/25/18
Brand , recall , sales ........ (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/03/13
Brexit (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/26/16
Bump'n Hump Horny Bum ! (2.67) De la Poésie Erotique 01/09/12
Bumper Sticker ----Minds (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/17/14
Bumper Sticker no 15 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/09/14
Bust (4.50)By surface dust Poésie Non-Erotique 03/24/17
But Dinos didn't have souls ....?? (4.75) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/25/14
Buttocks! (3.37)The feminine derriere and nothin' else....!!! De la Poésie Illustrée 05/25/17
by Tapas Bandopadhyay (4.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/28/14
Cane in Spain : variant (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/03/14
Casablanca (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/30/12
Cat (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/14
Cavern with a Tush !! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/06/13
changing society...... (5.00)fils et filles Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/18
Chilcot vs Brexit (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/07/16
Christmas , Diwali , Id....... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/24/13
Churchillian Musin's ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/24/13
City Hunter---Manga Messiah (5.00)City Hunter---Manga Messiah De la Poésie Erotique 02/18/19
Close to one's Maker (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/02/14
clothed Male nakkid Female !! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/19/12
Cock & the Pussy ! (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 04/03/13
Col Pedro : Liberator raped (1.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/16/13
Cold , Gloomy Inertia (4.14) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/25/13
Cold War Legacy (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/16/13
Comprehend if thou wilst (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/16/13
Comprehension...... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/03/13
Conference of the Exes ! (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/16/12
Conquer Thy Kinks ! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 05/29/12
Corporatese1 (5.00)Humiliation is the Whip De la Poésie Erotique 03/09/17
Corridors of the Mind (4.43) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/22/13
Cosmic Truth 1 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/03/15
Couple caper ........ (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 09/14/14
Cricket (4.00)On the recent season of Cricket which India played. Poésie Non-Erotique 03/28/17
Crow on a traffic light (2.57)crow on a traffic light De la Poésie Illustrée 07/05/18
Cryptic , Mystic Riddle (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/27/13
culled from NP titles .... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/16/15
D. R. Bendre (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/02/15
Daerk Browne Chocolaete [partII] (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/23/12
Dam vs. Damn ..... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/03/13
Dark Blued hue ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/18/13
Dd'nae' see....... (5.00)Supermoon! Poésie Non-Erotique 02/05/18
Death is an Illusion...... (4.00)Death is an Illusion...... Poésie Non-Erotique 03/04/19
death of a Yogi (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/15/17
Delicious Irony ! (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 05/10/12
Delicious Possibility (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/03/14
Dhaka: 2 Part Series
Dhaka (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/03/16
Dhaka to Dallas (4.50)All humans big or small Poésie Non-Erotique 07/13/16
Diego was Better (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/16/14
Different kinda' weirdos ...... (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/12/13
Digitized Bufoonery (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/22/13
Do you believe ..........? (4.75) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/21/13
Doctor , Cop , Lawyer ..Hooligan?? (1.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/26/14
Don't: 5 Part Series
Don't (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/14/14
Don't Masturbate (5.00)masturbation : to masturbate or not De la Poésie Erotique 06/12/18
Don't Nip 'em Nipples... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/09/14
Don't Patronize Me (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/23/13
Don't tell me ...... (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/22/13
Doomed Hero Syndrome (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/14/14
double -Entendre-delite (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/28/13
Dr. Phallus & Mr. Hard-on ! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/04/12
Draupadi's Bastraharan/ Disrobing1 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/27/14
Draupadi's Disrobe........End (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/01/14
Draupadi's Disrobement: 4 Part Series
Draupadi's Disrobement 2 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/29/14
Draupadi's disrobement ..4 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/01/14
Draupadi's Disrobement ..5 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/01/14
Draupadi's disrobement 3 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/01/14
Draupadi's Vastraharan...6 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/01/14
Dreamz 'n Nightmares (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/14/14
Duty (1.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/29/13
Dynamics (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Eagle Weds Tigress! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/22/11
Eagle'n the Tigress (3.00) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
Edit (ate) (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
eggshell cracked (2.80)an eggshell cracked ...see Illustration... De la Poésie Illustrée 04/25/17
Electoral Regime Change (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/20/14
Elsie Sutton: a Prisoner of Gor! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/18/12
Emotional intimacy: M-f spankin' (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/09/12
EN, --- EN !?! (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/13/12
English gems from Tagore (5.00)Nobel laureate Tagore was often asked to write short poems Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/17
Equal but Opposite!!!??? (5.00)His/Hers De la Poésie Erotique 02/10/18
Equality Yoga (1.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/17/11
Erotic .....Limerick ..... (3.33) De la Poésie Erotique 11/09/14
Erotic Chastity Yoga (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/08/11
Erotic verse ? (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 11/23/14
Erotikobita (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 12/19/13
Erotique Triggers (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/24/13
Essence of Yoga (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/05/14
Eternal life (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/16/12
Even i don't dig ya ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/18/13
eventually ....... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/14
ever-free..... (5.00)Moksha or spiritual nirvana Poésie Non-Erotique 05/06/18
Everyday mundane things (2.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/04/13
Everyday Things (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/02/13
Evil (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/25/15
Evolution: 2 Part Series
Evolution (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/15/12
Evolution of Revolution (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/06/13
Exhilaration to ....depression (5.00)Lust vs. Love De la Poésie Erotique 12/22/17
Existence (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/12
F-U-C-K (1.00) De la Poésie Erotique 08/18/14
Falsehood----Haibun (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Faqir wins Nobel (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/17/14
Fat Gal / Slim Gal (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/24/13
Feminine Fanny in Blue Denims ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 02/06/13
FemMom Kali (2.75) De la Poésie Erotique 02/02/12
Festive Drums ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/07/14
Fetishistic blogdom !! (2.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/15/12
Fiasco @ $alzburg!!! (5.00)EU-May caning:stripped of her Colonies UK is just'nother De la Poésie Erotique 09/25/18
fine ..line...spine ! (4.75) De la Poésie Erotique 08/09/15
Flat smacks Round (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/24/16
Flood or Famine ?!? (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/18/13
Flooding in Mumbai!? (5.00)There floods in the metropolis of Mumbai...during the Gana. Poésie Non-Erotique 08/30/17
Foggy London night ....Pt3 (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/15/14
Foggy ,London Night ...Pt4 (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/22/14
Food/Agriculture ---Haibun (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
From Father to Departed Son (3.40)Somewhere within me , you live on : Son De la Poésie Illustrée 10/20/16
From Tagore's musings (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/22/14
From the Land of the Kama Sutra ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/19/12
FUCK U,Brutish Raj ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/14/14
Fuckin' drinkin' fuckin' .....! (3.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/02/12
Funny irony (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/28/16
Gals with Guns ...!!!! (3.67) De la Poésie Erotique 09/05/15
Ganapati Vandana (3.83) De la Poésie Illustrée 10/28/15
Gandhi (4.40) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/02/14
Gender (3.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/11/16
Genius, nerd ..idiot savant ?? (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/19/14
Genome sequencin' a Fetish ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/20/13
Genuine item... (3.40) De la Poésie Erotique 10/18/16
Ghosts of my Youth ............ (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/11/13
Gliding into the dark....... (x.xx)My take on blissful oblivion Poésie Non-Erotique 07/24/17
Glorge-ious (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 09/30/14
go get a sex-life (4.67)an unseen truth De la Poésie Erotique 04/10/18
Goa skirtini' (3.00) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/07/15
Goal (4.67)Fertilize thoughts , actions , ideas Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/16
GOD: 2 Part Series
GOD (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/16/13
God createth (4.00)deeply philo Poésie Non-Erotique 12/22/17
Godown of Memories (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/08/16
goes either way ...... (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/11/14
Goodbye , SACHIN ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/17/13
Goodbye Coffee house (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/01/13
goodnight , annie.... (4.50)a fellow Poet had passed a slur on India and i responded Poésie Non-Erotique 03/29/17
Gown, Frown,Down ,Thrown ...! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/25/12
Guilty Pleasure (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/20/14
Haibun --Truth (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Haik-verse (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/25/12
Haiku as humour ? (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/02/13
Hand held below.....Pt.3 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/24/12
Hand is the Master..... (5.00)Hand is the Master...... De la Poésie Erotique 11/08/18
Hands cuffed behind Back !! (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/27/12
Hands held demurely beneath (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/23/12
Happiness is .... (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/03/15
Has it ever happened to you.... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/07/13
he Ram (3.00)Sita was put on Fiery Pyre to test Her chastity by Lord Rama De la Poésie Illustrée 04/25/17
He who shall remain Unnamed (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/25/14
Heart-breaking (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/16
held demurely behind her ass [illustrated] (2.40)at the lift door, elevator the slim girl turns with hands De la Poésie Illustrée 04/07/17
Held demurely beneath! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/22/12
Hello Ma Kali....... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/24/13
Her/His (5.00)his.....her......his......her De la Poésie Erotique 02/10/18
hidden...illegal factory ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/08/16
Hillary,Mamata,Sonia : Femdommes? (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/08/12
Himalayan Hubris (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/13/16
His Belt Flashes downwards ....... (2.78) De la Poésie Illustrée 08/14/15
His Cock & Her Ass (2.33) De la Poésie Erotique 12/06/11
his Lingam'n her Yoni .. (3.67) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
Holi Hai ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/08/12
Horny Macho Muscular Butt ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/20/11
Human Hardwire & Software (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/12/12
Human Nature (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/09/14
hypocrisy (5.00)two Indians & seven Africans were attacked in US and India. Poésie Non-Erotique 04/04/17
I have a Dream... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/25/13
i stumbled but...did not fall (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/19/16
Iambic Pentameter (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/21/13
Ibrahimovich's goal !! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/21/12
if spanking, not fucking.....??? (5.00)spanking not fucking ……….. De la Poésie Erotique 09/25/18
if sugar is poison for diabetics??? (3.67)diabetics sugar spankophiles butt cheeks De la Poésie Erotique 05/30/18
If you have to work...... (3.40) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/25/13
Illustrated ....Genuine (2.36)I am Masculine, She is Feminine De la Poésie Illustrée 10/20/16
Illustrated ....Skirts .. (3.04)Skirts fly up'n Panties down:  Contest Winner De la Poésie Illustrée 10/20/16
Imagination (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/22/13
in Flagrante Delicatio (3.33) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
In my next life (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 09/26/13
in praise of Lit (5.00)in praise of Lit. Poésie Non-Erotique 02/15/18
in praise of older buttocks!!! (3.00)older ladies have it!!!! De la Poésie Erotique 04/23/18
In the Conveyor belt of Time (4.33)As Time devours lives...... Poésie Non-Erotique 12/15/17
In the Football Stadium....... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/22/14
In the History ...... (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 02/12/13
In the shade of three mighty trees (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/24/12
Inappropriate (3.00)inappropriate behavior Poésie Non-Erotique 03/26/18
Incest .....?! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 03/09/15
India's Caste System (5.00)India's Constitution was written by an Untouchable Dr.Ambedk Poésie Non-Erotique 02/10/18
India's lone medal !!! (4.00)Sakshi was in fine fettle Poésie Non-Erotique 08/19/16
India's Lyricist -- Shailendraji (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/15/14
India's Shame ......& ...relief ... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/25/13
Indigo airline gals....erotic! (3.67)pencil-slim gals usin' pencil-slim fingers pick/pull@ skirts De la Poésie Erotique 01/01/19
Infinite Sexual Bliss! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/02/12
Infinity ........ (3.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/21/12
Inflation (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/22/13
inspired by Rumi (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/18/14
inspired by the Gita (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Intelligence / Snoopin' [Haibun x2] (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Internashunal Court de Arbitrashun' (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/18/16
intrinsic diff??? (5.00)Pussy-Prick.......President--Pauper Poésie Non-Erotique 02/15/18
Ironical (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/10/14
irony of fire (3.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/15/16
Irony of Hunger (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/03/13
Is she Sub or Dom ??!! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/15/13
It's all in the Mind ! (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 07/20/12
Jai Ma Durgasm !! (2.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/19/12
James Foley in Memorium (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/24/14
JK Rowling's Cuckoo's Calling (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/03/13
JLo or Kim? (3.57)Bottoms of two Celebrities.... De la Poésie Illustrée 10/26/17
JLo vs. Kim (3.00)Celebrity rears!! De la Poésie Erotique 10/13/17
John Grisham's Racketeah ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/24/13
Joy of Sex ! (2.50) De la Poésie Erotique 04/02/12
Joy/Need for Sex--Body/Soul War (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/03/12
Jus' 3 words...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/10/17
just 'nother day ...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/11/13
just as....... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/31/16
Juxtaposishun' (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/28/16
Kali Mother Divine !!! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/16/12
Karma biteth!!! (5.00)Law of Karma 's Sudarshan Chakra turneth exceedingly slow .. Poésie Non-Erotique 03/14/17
Keep yer' f---k---g legs closed ! (3.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/17/13
Kindness of Strangers (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/23/13
La Petite Scooterista ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/03/13
Lady & the Cop (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/07/13
Lady 'Tent'-ist (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/27/14
Lady Cops: 2 Part Series
Lady Cops (3.50) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
Lady Cops in Mumbai (4.75) De la Poésie Erotique 05/12/15
Lana vs Lois ??!! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/20/14
Land of Opportunity (3.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/15/16
Late Nite Movie ......!? (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 08/10/13
Leather licks Ass (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/22/14
Life: 3 Part Series
Life (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/06/12
Life is a Cruel Bitch ! (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/10/12
Life's True Friend ..?... (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/13/13
lightning'cross skies.... (2.50) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
lil' Boy & his Toy (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/16/13
Lit bloopers ?!? (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/11/16
Lit Mod Ms A (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/24/14
Lite Limerickin' ......... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/07/14
Lonely, huh...? (5.00)loneliness...... Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/17
Lord Ganapati (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/26/12
Love (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 01/10/13
Luka Modric (5.00)world cup fever Poésie Non-Erotique 07/16/18
Ma Kali's Kataklymatic Klimaxxx! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/19/12
Mahishasura as Cunniliguist ?! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/17/12
Man vs Dynasty (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/20/14
Management by BDSM (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 11/22/14
Mandela....Muhammad Ali (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/05/16
Mars & Venus: 2 Part Series
Mars & Venus ! Part 1 (1.00) De la Poésie Erotique 11/26/12
Mars & Venus , Part 2 (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 11/26/12
Mars as Shiva : Venus --Shakti ! (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/28/12
Martyrs arise again ........ (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/08/14
Masochism deconstructed (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/22/12
Master-Collaborator:Upanishdic Duo (5.00)Master-Collaborator:Upanishdic Duo De la Poésie Erotique 02/13/19
Matronly Slut !? (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 01/16/14
Matter / Consciousness (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/14/14
Mature ripening (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 01/16/14
MCP's Mantra!!! (2.50)Man-woman- underfoot- grumbles all she can. De la Poésie Illustrée 09/25/18
Meaningless: 2 Part Series
Meaningless (4.00)Absolutely meaningless Poésie Non-Erotique 06/19/17
Meaningless clashes ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/22/13
Melancholy , Winter Dusk (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/03/13
Michael ..Trayvor ...Rodney King.. (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/01/14
Migrants......all......? (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/07/16
Mind is a Prison (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/21/13
Mind spanks Body (1.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/20/13
Miserable is a home (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/14/13
Missed call..... (4.75) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/30/15
Mistress of Pain! (5.00)Corporal disc. in ancient nunnery!!! De la Poésie Erotique 08/28/17
Monsieur/Madamoiselle (4.00)His......Her......His.... De la Poésie Erotique 02/10/18
Monsoon charms in Mumbai (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/15/13
Monsoon in Mumbai ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/16/12
More a Versifier ...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/06/13
Morgan's Organ !!! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/06/12
Mother Durga BDSM (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 02/18/15
Mother Kali (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/18/12
Mother suckles Her Babe ! (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/08/12
Mother's Sacrifice (1.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/09/13
Motto or..Haiku ..?? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/19/15
Ms. Buttocks met Mr. Cane ! (5.00)Buttocks finally kissed by stern Cane!!! De la Poésie Erotique 08/21/17
Ms.Matter & Mr.Mind ! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 02/14/12
Muhammad Ali (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/05/16
Multilingual (4.50)I love you in different languages De la Poésie Erotique 11/26/17
Multilingual- French (5.00)I love you in Ye Olde English-German-Frenchcombo De la Poésie Erotique 11/27/17
Multilingual- German (5.00)I love you in English-German-French combo. De la Poésie Erotique 11/27/17
Mummy/Babey Split Persona (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/09/12
Muqaddar ka Sikandar (4.67) De la Poésie Erotique 08/16/16
Muscular Horny Male Butt ! (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/23/11
Muscular, Macho, Masculine Phallus (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/16/11
Musings of the Creat/or / rix / rit (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/04/15
My Feisty Senorita ...... (4.40) De la Poésie Erotique 06/20/14
My First attempt at Haiku ?! (2.75) De la Poésie Erotique 03/10/12
My Penis in repose (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/15/12
my Vanilla Lady...spank..ouch?! (3.33) De la Poésie Erotique 08/12/15
Mystery...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/13/15
Mystic Mystery Haiku (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/24/13
Nadia Comaneci on Olympic Gold (1.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/28/12
NaMospeak ....... (3.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/12/14
Naughty Accountant.... (3.30)Office accountant and 50 Shades... De la Poésie Illustrée 09/29/17
Needle of Bliss (3.40) De la Poésie Illustrée 09/17/15
Nest Empty (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/19/13
New Age Man (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 03/24/13
New Delhi shame: 2 Part Series
New Delhi shame (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/30/12
New Delhi shame..... (3.40) De la Poésie Illustrée 08/14/15
New star (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/02/13
Night .....n' ........Day (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/22/13
Night Spanking! (2.88)For all spanking aficionados. De la Poésie Illustrée 10/26/17
Nightmare in Sarvodaya Nagar (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/30/15
Nightmare in the White House ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/26/13
No answer (5.00)Folks do not share their confidential data even on a website Poésie Non-Erotique 09/22/17
No meaneth No!?! (4.50)No meaneth No!?! De la Poésie Erotique 09/28/18
Nonsense Limerick (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/28/13
Nonsensense rhyme 1 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/10/16
not really a Poet (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/16/13
Nothingness (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/24/15
Nothinnnnng ......peace...... (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/12/13
Nth..American Sentence (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/15/16
Nuclear Conflict (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/11/13
Numbers/words (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/13
Nursery Rhyme redux--2 (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 05/24/12
O Children of Gaza (3.80) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/21/14
Ode to flat-chested ladies .... (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 08/11/15
Ode to Rubenesque Booty ! (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/08/13
Odepael Spankin'??!! (5.00)subconscious query De la Poésie Erotique 09/28/18
Om ....'.n ..Potence .... (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/04/15
Om Shantih Om ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/03/12
Om Tat Sat (5.00)meditation Poésie Non-Erotique 03/01/18
on Ferguson (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/10/14
On Janmashthami (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/30/13
One: 7 Part Series
One (5.00)One stone to kill two birds De la Poésie Erotique 03/20/17
One , Two , Three........ (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/21/13
one BLAZIN' truth (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/13/13
one Cosmic Being (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/09/15
one day a monk (5.00)once a monk insulted a householder Poésie Non-Erotique 03/02/18
One line poem 1 (2.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/06/14
One Religion States........ (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/09/15
Origin of Fetish ?!? (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/03/14
Origin of Ganges..... (4.67)legend of Bhagirath and Bhagirathi Poésie Non-Erotique 01/26/18
Outer Science / Inner Science (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/18/12
Oxymorons??? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/13/14
Painful Dental implants (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/23/13
Pairs de Opposicion (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/19/14
Pakistan is the Whore...the World (3.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/22/16
Paris Cafe (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/10/14
Peace: 2 Part Series
Peace (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/08/13
Peace by Subhash (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/26/15
Penis in Winter.... (2.60) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/07/15
Percep-'shun (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/10/14
Philosophy in midst of Argument (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/17/13
Philosophyoga ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/25/15
Phonetics (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/27/16
Pleasure / Pain redux (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 07/12/16
pluck......fuck (5.00)Buddha : if a Flower you love De la Poésie Erotique 06/30/16
Poems in Hindi (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/24/14
Poet / Poem / Poetry (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/27/15
Poet Arpit Roy (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/25/15
Poet Manohar Shetty (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/01/15
Poet vs. Technician (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/21/13
Poetic Dilemma on Literotica (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/25/12
Policewoman or Pole-Dancer ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 11/22/12
Political Cartoon in Verse (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Poof (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/10/13
Powerfully powerless (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/28/13
Pre-dawn Ritual! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 11/18/12
Prise Open Thy Cheeks...... (3.22)Alongwith delighted shrieks..... De la Poésie Illustrée 11/17/16
Psychic Yoga! (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/17/12
Psycho-Analysis of a Fetish ! (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 03/21/12
Public Humilia-'shun ?! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/20/14
Qarbala to Nice.........? (4.00)In Qarbala Jihad was unleashed by Yazid Poésie Non-Erotique 07/22/16
Qigong her hungry Glute: 2 Part Series
Qigong her hungry Glute! (1.00)qigong her hungry glutes De la Poésie Erotique 05/07/18
Qigong her hungry Glute! 2 (2.67)qigong her gluteus: make her like us!!! De la Poésie Illustrée 05/11/18
Queen's Bean! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/29/16
query ??? (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 12/22/15
Question...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/13/15
Quit (5.00)History repeats itself..... Poésie Non-Erotique 08/07/17
Radha Rules !!! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/05/12
Raheja complex from Thaneclub pool (5.00)a soaring housing complex nestling next to pool..... Poésie Non-Erotique 05/31/18
Rajesh Khanna RIP (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/23/12
Rant (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/21/13
Re:subcontinental Ogden Nash ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/02/12
Real/ unReal Dichotomy (5.00)Vedanta and the Poet..... Poésie Non-Erotique 12/25/17
Reality shrugged ...... (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/26/15
Realizin' Truth (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/05/14
recently bereaved Father (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/26/16
Religious or Spiritual .....?? (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/09/16
Replace the Penis (4.00)Replace Penis with Fist!!!! De la Poésie Erotique 11/14/18
Repulsography!!! (3.67)Repulsion from female bodies will armour Men from #MeToo!!!! De la Poésie Erotique 10/14/18
Riddle......??? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/15/17
Right vs. Wrong Tantra ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 07/15/12
Rio Beach Volleyball ..... (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 08/08/16
Rio Glory ....... (5.00)even Karma beckons'n helps Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/16
RIP Mandiba (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/06/13
RIP Phil Hughes (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/28/14
RIP Prince...& Chyna too.... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/25/16
RIP Stan...…... (5.00)Goooodbye Stan Lee Poésie Non-Erotique 11/17/18
Rituporno Ghosh's cinema (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/23/13
River Ganga's Tale for Erectus (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/15/13
Robert Frost was a great Poet (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/25/14
Robin Gibbs : a Requiem (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/24/12
Role Reversals (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/18/16
Room vs. Cavern (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/17/13
Round & Strong (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/06/11
S-M Goddess !?!? (2.67) De la Poésie Erotique 10/28/12
Sad but abs True (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/21/15
Saintly Love ........ (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/11/16
Salt (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/13/14
Salutations (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/17/14
Secret of the Wise . (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/23/13
Secret of Yoga ...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/11/15
Senoritas y Espania ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/12/12
Sex-addiction Central Command! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/24/12
Sexhibition versus Malfunction?! (3.15)Our lab assistant inadvertantly exposed her denim-clad rear. De la Poésie Illustrée 05/25/17
Sexual Congress between Peers (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/25/11
Sexuality is a Staircase... (4.00)Sexuality is a staircase..... De la Poésie Erotique 03/06/19
Shaeedo-e-Badshah ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/24/13
Shatter ( 2 versions ) (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/12/13
She adores bein' "Baby-Gurled "!! (3.33) De la Poésie Erotique 04/05/13
She is Me ! (2.50) De la Poésie Erotique 03/21/12
She Submits to Dominate (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/10/13
She surrenders Her head.... (2.40)Chinnamastika Devi is a Goddess Who severs Her own Head!!! De la Poésie Illustrée 05/04/17
she's Mother not a whore ! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 02/26/12
shining needle (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/29/15
SHIVA meets SHAKTI !!! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 02/24/12
Shooting Needle.......Spine.. (4.40) De la Poésie Illustrée 09/04/15
Short'n ...Naughtee .... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/10/14
Silence of the Soul (5.00)when a Yogi meditates , He annihilates the 'monkey mind'.. Poésie Non-Erotique 04/25/17
Sinful Dark Chocolate (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/22/12
Skirts up , Panties down..... (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 10/13/16
Skirts......Illustrated......Colour (2.23)An illustrated Poem in colour!!! De la Poésie Illustrée 09/29/17
Slaves (5.00)sex secrets...... De la Poésie Erotique 04/13/18
Slut on a Roof (3.88)You possess a taut, pert butt De la Poésie Illustrée 01/10/17
smart people (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/24/15
Smash the Mirror ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/05/13
Somethin' got caught in my eye (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/21/13
Somnabulance (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/26/12
Sorrow is a double-edged sword (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Soul (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/22/13
Source of Riverine Flows ...... (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/23/14
Spank but please don't Wank ! (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/29/12
Spank Guru (5.00)he teaches women to accept spankings with ladylike grace!!! De la Poésie Erotique 05/30/18
Spank the Bride ! (2.75) De la Poésie Erotique 07/15/12
Spank- Wank- Rank (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/11/15
Spank--Quigong--Squeeze! (4.33)a sex tech De la Poésie Erotique 01/24/18
Spanked not Fucked: 2 Part Series
Spanked not Fucked [illustrated] (3.36)her buttocks are spanked De la Poésie Illustrée 09/25/18
Spanked not Fucked!! (3.60)buttocks are Spanked not Fucked!!! De la Poésie Erotique 04/27/18
Spankguru3 (3.38)hands clasped tightly behind ass...... De la Poésie Illustrée 07/05/18
Spankin' , feminism , adultery ! (2.50) De la Poésie Erotique 01/15/13
Spankin' et Marriage : the GM edition (5.00)spanking .....saved our marriage De la Poésie Erotique 07/01/16
spankin' [illustrated] (3.17) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
spanking saved our marriage (4.20) De la Poésie Erotique 06/23/16
Spankiu [Illustrated] (3.62)Hand whips Buttocks De la Poésie Illustrée 05/27/16
Spankophile's Valentine !! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 02/14/16
Spanx!!! (5.00)MEANINGLESS JUMBLED BDSM De la Poésie Erotique 06/07/18
Spiritual Orgasm (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 10/02/13
St-00-pid ..... (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 08/26/14
Steel-Grey ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/06/12
Stomach problems (4.00)Havin' consumed spicy fire Poésie Non-Erotique 06/11/16
Strategy 1 (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/16/13
Sublime vs Ridiculous (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/10/14
Sun Dappled Wall....... (4.00)the sun-dappled wall spoke somepn' to me ??? De la Poésie Illustrée 05/27/16
Superstorm Sandy : a love story (4.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/01/12
Swami Tapovan Maharaj (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/12/14
Sweet , Girlish , Masochist slut ! (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/17/15
Sweet Relief !!! (2.50) De la Poésie Erotique 04/08/12
sweet'n sour (5.00)a comment on an unfortunate passenger's predicament.... Poésie Non-Erotique 04/12/17
Swimmin' in the Rain ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/20/12
tale of 2 MNCs (3.67)an ad featuring Kendal and an incident with a Vietnamese Doc Poésie Non-Erotique 04/12/17
Tantra-Yoga made Simple ! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/29/12
Tapas Bandopadhyay 2 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/22/15
TCM--Total Chastity Management (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/23/12
Technology's ......Refugees?! (4.67)Whsapp....Facebook .....Twitterati has left a vast swathe of people Poésie Non-Erotique 03/04/17
Teeterin' ....... (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/24/14
temptalicious Beauty (4.40)Temptations of the feminine body De la Poésie Erotique 05/26/17
Tenderness / roughness (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 01/26/14
Tennis Bumper Sticker (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/10/14
Thanks to the Power o' 3 ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/18/14
thanx Sweetypie Hunny !!! (4.75) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/09/16
the Accountant's Rear...... (3.50)Our accountant's an innocent dear.... De la Poésie Erotique 12/24/16
the Blissful Void 2 (2.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/11/13
The Brahmachari & the Cuckold (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/08/13
The Cane in Spain ..... (3.60) De la Poésie Erotique 01/03/14
the Cannon in the Cave (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 11/20/13
the Cannon'n the Cave...! (3.33) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
The Cold (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/10/13
the Colour of Consciousness (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/23/13
the Cyclist 'n the Motor-car (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/17/14
The Dark Knight rises !! (1.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/28/12
The Day Uncle died ...... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/03/13
The defeated Empress........ (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/29/16
the eggshell......... (5.00)an eggshell cracked.... Poésie Non-Erotique 04/20/17
The Feminazi's Chant!!! (3.33)Man r pigs?! De la Poésie Illustrée 09/25/18
The Giant Within ! (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/21/12
the Gift of Poetry (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/04/13
The Irony of Sex ! (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/20/12
The Lady's Prayer !! (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/15/12
the Mahatma 'n the Bulldog (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/19/14
the Mighty Penis commands the Pen (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/11/11
The Monosoul Rail (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/22/13
The More Your Spankings Last... (2.75)a slutty adultress is whipped on bare buttocks nightly , as De la Poésie Erotique 05/13/18
The Mumbai Crematorium (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/16/14
the observer (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/15/17
the Past is a different country (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 06/20/14
the Red-Cheeked Muse..... (2.89) De la Poésie Illustrée 12/30/15
The Saint & the Magistrate (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/12/13
the strongest Power in the Universe (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 04/04/12
the Theory of ....Nothing: 2 Part Series
the Theory of ....Nothing ?! (3.75) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/23/15
the Theory of ....Nothing ?! (Illustrated) (3.29) De la Poésie Illustrée 12/30/15
The Unfocused (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/30/13
the Wheel (3.40) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/23/14
The world is just 'nother number .. (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/10/13
Thinks the Unthinkable ! (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/20/12
this cruel poem ..... (4.00) De la Poésie Erotique 10/21/13
Those gorgeous spheres ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/10/12
Thou art My Lingam: 2 Part Series
Thou art My Lingam (3.17)how to retain semen O master of Fate and women!!! De la Poésie Illustrée 01/21/19
Thou art my Lingam! [non-illustrated] (5.00)Thou art my Lingam! De la Poésie Erotique 09/28/18
Tiger tragedy ..... (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/20/16
Time et Change (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 04/25/13
Time....the Devourer.... (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/22/15
To all climate change deniers (2.00)Please share this until a Tsunami hits the Powers that be... Poésie Non-Erotique 06/16/17
To all my FB friends (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/09/14
To Mahatma Gandhi (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 10/03/13
To My Motherland ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/03/12
to the Resident Arrogant Jerk (4.25) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/04/14
Too many M s ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/25/13
Touch (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 02/18/15
Tourist & the Milkman (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/15/14
tragic accidents (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/15/16
Train 'n the Yogi ..... (2.50) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/07/15
transform a short -term pleasure (2.50) De la Poésie Erotique 04/06/12
Tribute to Literotic comments (4.25) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/15/13
Triple Talaqs (5.00)Banning instant coffee divorce only by men!?! Poésie Non-Erotique 08/28/17
Truth: 2 Part Series
Truth or dare ??? (3.50) De la Poésie Erotique 03/15/12
TRUTH-ful ! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/15/14
Twenties ............... (5.00)eerie coincidence Poésie Non-Erotique 10/25/17
Twicro: 3 Part Series
Twicro 1 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Twicro 2 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Twicro 6 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/10/13
Twicro3 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Twicro4 (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Twicro5 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/08/13
Two Indians.... (4.00)In the US of A, Poésie Non-Erotique 03/06/17
unAmerican Sentence (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/08/16
Uncaged & Chaste (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/06/11
Unclutter your Mind (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 05/04/13
Underwater Wonderworld!!! (3.25)a swimmer reflects... De la Poésie Illustrée 07/05/18
Unholy Buttocks! (3.67)female derriere ...need I explain more??? De la Poésie Erotique 05/26/17
Unintended Consequences !! (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/12/12
Unite the Twain ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/16/12
Universal Parent's Nightmare (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/13/13
Universal sentence (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/06/16
Universe sings ...... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/23/15
Untitled (4.50)Rains'n rains.... Poésie Non-Erotique 06/13/16
Upanishadic Twins (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/07/12
Usain in London '12 (3.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/08/12
Vedanta & the Act of Petting ! (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/25/12
Victorian London (3.67) De la Poésie Illustrée 07/06/15
Walk (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/09/14
Warehouse of ....Mind.. (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/12/15
warm September afternoon (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 09/02/13
Water (5.00)Water cascades onto the poet's head whether under the shower Poésie Non-Erotique 05/10/17
We ...the walking wounded... (4.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 11/06/16
What I meant to write ... (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/07/14
What is: 2 Part Series
What is ..................?? (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/24/13
What is Time ? (3.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/21/12
what's the Diff .?? (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/17/12
When Anastasia met Christian ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/02/12
When Hand masters Cunny! (5.00)Hand masters Cunny De la Poésie Erotique 11/08/18
When Mother of Universe..... (4.00)Mother of Uni protecting Her son........ Poésie Non-Erotique 10/24/18
when Reason collides...... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/23/14
Whiplash across Her Buttocks ! (3.67) De la Poésie Erotique 03/21/12
White Cops matter (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/10/16
Who are you, Las Vegas ......? (4.00)On Las Vegas Poésie Non-Erotique 10/14/17
who art Thou??? (5.00)My son was washed away at twentyonehumans cry:Gods have fun Poésie Non-Erotique 01/24/18
Who is an Artist ??? (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/31/13
Why: 8 Part Series
Why .......can't??? (3.50)a Woman? ......... a Robot, or........a Gay Poésie Non-Erotique 03/10/17
why Cock-rings ??? (2.50) De la Poésie Erotique 04/19/12
Why did the apple........? (5.00)A fun quiz on great lives and an apple..... Poésie Non-Erotique 06/28/17
why do i write ??? (2.00) De la Poésie Erotique 03/07/12
Why Ejaculate ??? (2.67) De la Poésie Erotique 03/24/12
Why Hillary Lost..... (4.25)When Hillary won DNC nominashun' Poésie Non-Erotique 12/29/16
Why Pussy Worship....... (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 12/25/14
Why.....?? (4.67)why doth humans turn twisted et deformed?? Poésie Non-Erotique 10/03/18
Wifey's Booty: Hubby's Prize (4.67) De la Poésie Erotique 07/20/14
Wild animals...... (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 01/09/16
Will-powered Chastity vs. Cuckoldin (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/22/11
Wimbledon'16 'n Euro' 16...... (5.00)Djokovic out Poésie Non-Erotique 07/09/16
Wisdom (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/24/14
With apologies to Rabindranath..... (5.00)An adaptation of Nobel winner Tagore's famous poem Poésie Non-Erotique 09/20/17
With apologies to the Original ! (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 05/22/12
Without comment....... (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 12/13/15
Womanly Derriere 3..... (5.00)woman bends over De la Poésie Erotique 07/04/18
Words in Spate (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/12/12
World Cup (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/23/14
Y spanking en Madrid (4.25) De la Poésie Erotique 10/12/12
Y-o-g-a (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 12/12/13
Yogi in the Train......Part 1 (x.xx) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/07/13
Yogi vs. Cucky (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/07/11
yogi's cock vs. cuck's domme (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/12/11
Yogic Lock vs. Cuckold's Shock (3.50) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/08/13
Yogic Sexual Chastity (x.xx) De la Poésie Erotique 12/27/11
You ..... (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 08/01/14
#Metoo Bollywood style (x.xx)# Metoo in Mumbai!!!Daily she sues men: cameras, papparraz Erotic Art 08/07/18
A DOMME WIFE IS SPANKED!!!! (x.xx)IT'S 3,200 AD AND WOMEN OWN THE PLANET.......but in a small Erotic Art 03/28/18
A French Poem (x.xx) Erotic Art 02/24/17
A95 , my late son (x.xx)Lady Cop spanked in Mumbai by a God! With ivory butt plug up Erotic Art 02/02/17
ABBA's Divas: celebrity Painsluts!! (x.xx)Celebrity painsluts were paddled to perfecshun' by BFs!!! Adult Comics 08/10/18
Amazonian chieftainess.... (x.xx)The geek and the Princess!!! Adult Comics 06/18/17
Arabian Nights : BDSM perspective (x.xx)Princess Jasmine was a cruel dom of Prince Achmed of Syria!? Adult Comics 06/24/18
Awesome Butt Tat (x.xx)JUST GAZE UPON THIS DOMM Erotic Art 06/24/18
BDSM couple on Summer Vacay!!! (x.xx)His hand moves proprietorially over her slutty butt-cheeks! Erotic Art 06/22/18
Before........and............After (x.xx)A cartoon is enhanced by an illustrator... Erotic Art 08/09/17
Begum locks her Sheikh in chastity (x.xx)His Majesty boweth secretly to Her Highness!!!! Adult Comics 09/28/18
Big Bootied Muscular Latina!!! (x.xx)A Mexican Senora On A Motorbike Erotic Art 02/09/18
BOTTOMs R meant 4 Pinching!!! Sigh! (x.xx)Botties R meant 4 painful Nips/Pinches/Sqwedgies !!!!???? Adult Comics 02/18/19
Box! Qigong! Squeeze! (x.xx)By controlling a highly paid female exec: her toyboi gets to Erotic Art 08/08/18
Boxin' Her Ladyship's glutes!!! (x.xx)Boxing an aristrocratic Lady's Buttocks!!! Erotic Art 06/23/18
Buri Magir Pod!!!! (x.xx)60 YEAR OLD POD!!!! Erotic Art 06/22/18
Buttocks In Search Of A Cane!!! (x.xx)Women who seek pain! Adult Comics 03/07/18
Buttocks in search of a Cane....... (x.xx)Buttocks search desperately for a Strict Cane Adult Comics 08/24/17
BUTTOCKS R meant 4 Spankings: OWW! (x.xx)BUTTOCKS R meant 4 Spankings: OWW! Erotic Art 02/18/19
Buttplugged Mistress (x.xx)this is about a Domme who wears a remote horsetail buttplug Adult Comics 04/18/18
CEO is a masochistic pain slut!!?? (x.xx)A powerful lady exec widely respected and feared by mcps. Adult Comics 03/07/18
CEO submits meekly to Fiscal Discip (x.xx)Wily Lady CEO is wearing curvaceous, thick padded panties to Erotic Art 08/27/18
Ceo/ sub/ domme/ slut....... (x.xx)Ms. Cynthia Redwood, Redux.... Erotic Art 02/02/17
Chastity'n Prostate Cancer??! (x.xx)Swami Asheshananda's wisdom:Chastity Belts'nMooldharaChakra Erotic Art 02/27/19
Chodo mat : Rape karo mat lekinMool (x.xx)Mool Bandh Yoga Mudra se sambhog ka maja bhi lena aur apne Adult Comics 05/30/18
Clumsy Waitress spanked!!! (x.xx)She drops hot black coffee on a loyal customer and longtime Adult Comics 02/20/17
CMDR. [FRAULEIN] Blonde, 009 (x.xx)CMDR. [FRAULEIN] Janet Blonde, Licensed to Kill/Thrill!!! Erotic Art 06/24/18
CMDR.Janet , 009, Blonde , assassin (x.xx)White Superspy Painslut submits to Cruel Black Dom!!!! Erotic Art 07/10/18
COMMANDER Janet and her BlackMaster (x.xx)AGENT OO9 CMDR. Janet Blonde 009: destined to kill,thrill'n Erotic Art 07/09/18
COMMANDER[Madamoiselle] Janet 009 (x.xx)Blonde, Lethal, Sexy!!! Superspy!!! Erotic Art 07/10/18
Cricketer, Yogi, Callgal, Heiress! (x.xx)Cricketer, Yogi, Callgal, Heiress! Erotic Art 01/25/19
Cricketer, Yogi, Callgirl…...3 (x.xx)taming of the spoilt, entitled heiress...... Erotic Art 02/27/19
Cricketer,Yogi, Callgal….2 (x.xx)in Continuation of earlier Part...…. Erotic Art 01/26/19
Cruel Master, Quiverin' Sub...…. (x.xx)Cruel Master...….. Erotic Art 11/08/18
Cynthia dommes/subs??!!! (x.xx)Media- board- sub-dom- mooladhara center/ chakra!!! Erotic Art 02/02/17
D-s: a 360 degrees perspective[M-f] (x.xx)If Mr.Macho U don't explore your own asshole Obamacare will! Adult Comics 12/21/18
Detective Lori contd. (x.xx)From my Erotic Art submission ' Detective Lori's secret' Adult Comics 03/13/17
Detective Lori's secret (x.xx)Hey All's BDSM story Detective Lori Harington inspired me Erotic Art 03/04/17
Devi ki Amar kahani!!! (x.xx)Devi ko marad log santusht kar ne sein Devi dhan , sukh, Adult Comics 05/30/18
Divine Cosmic Mother Goddess n' Inf (x.xx)Cosmic Mother Goddess & Her Mystery Adult Comics 07/07/17
DOM canes his own Macho glutes!!! (x.xx)As the CEO of his Family owned MNC Dominic has to take decis Adult Comics 09/28/18
Dy Comm. Ruchira's day out!! (x.xx)In my nonHuman caper ' My late sonA95 ch.2' , i promised to Adult Comics 02/17/17
Empowerment/Subjugation??? (x.xx)working women who out earn their hubbies....... Erotic Art 02/03/17
Erotic Night Spanking! (x.xx)Sometimes it happens, in the course of the night............ Erotic Art 10/23/17
Erotic Yogic Chastity ! (x.xx)self control , will-power & thrilling self denial !!! Erotic Art 04/28/15
fat bottomed Lady Cop (x.xx)Botticellean full-buttocked Lady Cop in Mumbai ! Erotic Art 05/11/15
Fat Gals rock!!! (x.xx) Erotic Art 01/18/17
Femdomme Humiliated Vide Mla!!!!!!! (x.xx)Femdom Bitch Spanked By Mla Erotic Art 02/16/18
Fistin' La Biche!!!! (x.xx)He anally fists his Cruel, Taller, Stronger Strap-on Wifey!? Erotic Art 11/29/18
From Corporatese1' (x.xx)Please goto New Erotic Poems and read.... Adult Comics 03/13/17
From hoary Penthouse archives (x.xx)Macho morphs into..gasp...docile Sub!?! Adult Comics 12/20/18
Furiously rubbing her reddened Ass! (x.xx)Upper-crust , Cruel Domme secretly fantasizes about Pain!!!! Adult Comics 11/05/18
Geobum sideways1 (x.xx)A graphical analysis of spheres sidewways Erotic Art 09/06/18
Geobum!!! (x.xx)Geographic spheres!! Erotic Art 08/27/18
Geoderriere---spank!!! (x.xx)Geometric mapping of La derriere Erotic Art 08/29/18
Goddess serves Her Lord!!! (x.xx)On Her knees, head bowed submissively , hands clasped behind Erotic Art 04/25/17
Hands held firmly behind back Sluts (x.xx)Certain submissive women hold hands instinctively behnd ass! Erotic Art 11/30/18
Her Upside Down Ladyship!!!! (x.xx)Lady Diana Palmerstoke!!!! Erotic Art 07/28/18
Herr Batsman und Hi Society Tycoone (x.xx)Frau Tycooness gets off on brutal spankings from Cricket !!! Erotic Art 07/09/18
His taller,stronger Slavegal Wifey! (x.xx)He's 5" 6": she's 6' 1". He's Harvard MBA, She's O level ... Erotic Art 11/09/18
Hot Pillion Rider (x.xx)I was returning from Nashik Adult Comics 02/08/18
Househubby triumphs over CEO Wifey! (x.xx)Reversal of Fortune... Erotic Art 02/02/17
How India Discovered Chastity/ Brah (x.xx)How India beat the west in discovering benefits of chastity Adult Comics 04/16/18
Hulk spanx she-Hulk!!! (x.xx)Monster does sheMonster!!, Adult Comics 10/29/17
Humble kitchen implements spank Her (x.xx)Smaack! Whaack!!! Qigong!! Squeeze!! Box!!! " Moaaan! Uuuuh! Erotic Art 06/24/18
Hypothetical Spankings!!! (x.xx)Historical or legendary situations which could have led to ? Adult Comics 04/16/17
I spanked the Queen!? (x.xx)I butt-smacked the Queen!? Erotic Art 01/16/17
I, Pig (x.xx)He's World Champ: SHE owns him!!!!! Adult Comics 12/20/18
I, Pig2 (x.xx)Khasi Matriarchial women have depantsed subordinate menfolk! Adult Comics 12/20/18
Idol-Rocket-Temple-Phallus (x.xx)all 4 = Idol, Rocket, Temple, Phallus points skywards toward Erotic Art 05/12/18
Inspired by Erotic Poem ' Corporate (x.xx)Please goto New Erotic Poems and read.... Adult Comics 03/13/17
International Womens' Day Event! Ch. 01 (x.xx)A race is held on mar.8th., india: women ride men!!! Adult Comics 05/09/18
Jai Ms. Pussy, Jai Ms. Tits, Jai Ms (x.xx)Self-Pussy-Boobs-Butt-Torture Yoga for Ladies!!! Erotic Art 07/23/18
JLo or Kim: 2 Part Series
JLo or Kim ? (x.xx)Spankalucious Bottoms Erotic Art 10/23/17
JLo or Kim???! (x.xx)If Readers drool over Callipygian Bottoms.....?., Adult Comics 10/23/17
LA Feminist et le Pundit (x.xx)young firebrand feminist falls under spell of Indian Goddess Adult Comics 01/04/19
La Serpent et Le Moon! (x.xx)lA Serpent et Le Moon! Erotic Art 03/14/19
Laathmaar Holi: Barsana , India!!! (x.xx)Legend has it the Indian Avatar Sri Krishna was a very naugh Adult Comics 04/16/18
Lady Catherine Smackington: aristoc (x.xx)Pain-slut Lady Catherine is hung up upside down in her wine- Erotic Art 07/10/18
Lady Diver (x.xx)lady is preparing to dive.... Erotic Art 06/24/18
Lady Fists Pussy!!!! (x.xx)Ladies are today more DIY than ever!!!! Erotic Art 11/14/18
Lady Serpent/Goddess Bottom-smaaked (x.xx)Lady Serpent/Goddess Bottom-smaaked Erotic Art 03/11/19
Lady Swimmer's Glutes!!! (x.xx)On Espying A Lady's Swimming Costume Clad Arse...... Erotic Art 04/18/18
Lady Swimmerotica (x.xx)a young lady swimmer in short, belted, skirted swimsuit.... Erotic Art 05/30/18
lady swimmers inadvertently pose as (x.xx)lady swimmers giv Kamasutra poses in Mumbai swimming pool un Erotic Art 05/30/18
LadyCop:SluttySlavegal!!!! (x.xx)LadyCop:SluttySlavegal!!!! Adult Comics 02/23/19
Le Criquetre et La Belle Socialite! (x.xx)Some high society Ladies can only guuush if spaaanked on the Erotic Art 07/12/18
Lion reles under the (x.xx)The future is automation ....................and female!!! Adult Comics 06/20/17
Lord Kunda and Devi Kundalini (x.xx)The God who resides in the Clitoris of Everywoman and the .. Adult Comics 03/26/17
Lord Spankophile and Vanilla Wifey! (x.xx)A Sadomasochistic Aritocrat and Vanilla Wife??????!!,!i Erotic Art 02/05/18
Lost Bet servitude.... (x.xx)I lost a bet I couldn't possibly win to my then demure Wife! Adult Comics 12/23/18
Magir Pod ey chabuk Maar!!! (x.xx)XEE Bangla serial er heroine der durdasha!!! Adult Comics 08/07/18
Man spanx self + wifey (x.xx)spanx , spanx'n more spanx !?! Erotic Art 04/20/15
Manspreading: on trains'n BDSM!?! (x.xx)OOH see the pig: he's spreading his thighs in entitled way Adult Comics 11/05/18
Married Superstar.unmarried starlet (x.xx)Husband Matinee idol tires f ageing nag............. Erotic Art 08/09/17
Master Ash9 with painslut Mel!!!! (x.xx)I'm cummmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnngggg Adult Comics 01/29/19
Master et His slut... (x.xx)Smack!! Adult Comics 08/08/18
Master Penis owns Mistress Breast!! (x.xx)a Slut is owned!!!! Erotic Art 07/28/18
Mexican Rumble part3 (x.xx)Back at our motel in Texas , we put up the girls in separate Adult Comics 04/07/17
MiLady's Spanked Tats!!! (x.xx)She has two Shivling Tats on her Butt cheeks!!! Erotic Art 02/27/17
Military Butt Tats (x.xx)armed forces kidz have unusual dreamz!!!! Adult Comics 06/22/18
Monster Porn!!! (x.xx)In The Castle De Horrors !?! Adult Comics 04/16/18
mOOn & Serpent!!!! (x.xx)mOOn & Serpent!!!! Adult Comics 03/11/19
Mother of Feminism (x.xx)Domme Goddess Kali!!! Erotic Art 02/17/17
Mother-Goddess of Surrender (x.xx)And Her human , mortal son-cum- devotee/disciple!!! Adult Comics 05/10/17
Mr. Ashton Reddit (x.xx)Yogi, Dom , Haus-Hubby extraordinaire!!! Erotic Art 02/02/17
Ms. Cynthia Redwood, CEO (x.xx)Most Powerful Lady on Planet Earth hides a shameful Fetish?! Erotic Art 01/18/17
Ms. Jailbird-Olympian-Starwife!!!!! (x.xx)Drug-addict convict lady turns into Olympian superstar!!!! Erotic Art 11/08/18
Muscular Peasant Woman (x.xx)On Mumbai Nashik Hiway i saw a Lierotic sght Erotic Art 02/07/18
Muslim Mistress White Slavegal!!! (x.xx)White Slavegal bellydances:fills Muslim mistresses'coffers! Erotic Art 11/11/18
New Bride's Comeuppance!? (x.xx)New Bride gets her bare bottom tanned by Hubby's firm hand!! Erotic Art 08/09/17
Night Spanking!!! (x.xx)Sometimes it happens, in the course of tge night Adult Comics 10/23/17
Notun Superspy Nayika Commander Jan (x.xx)009 SECRET AGENT Janet Blonde!!! Harami khooni o eki shongey Erotic Art 07/10/18
Offering Her Head to Her Dom!! (x.xx)From ancient Legendology : Chinnamastika is a Goddess with.. Erotic Art 04/25/17
Olympic Porn!!!! (x.xx)Winter Games, 2018 @ Peongang South Korea !!! Adult Comics 04/16/18
Petite, pert, cutiepie Rump!!! (x.xx)Our office accountant oneday was perched sideways on wooden Erotic Art 05/09/17
PM Andrea of a small Balkan republi (x.xx)She rules with unsafe wafer thin majority and Oppn charity Adult Comics 08/27/18
Poor girls from East Europe (x.xx)Modern Mud wrestling!!! Erotic Art 06/24/18
Powerful Ladies!!! (x.xx)Spank on!!! Erotic Art 09/07/18
Prabhu Kunda Deva's lonely saga! (x.xx)Ga!!! Sitting in solitary Splendour inside a lady's Clit!!! Adult Comics 03/24/17
Public Fortune 200 CEO/ secret pain (x.xx)Public poster-gal of Feminists but secret pain-craving sub!? Erotic Art 06/24/18
Queen Cynthia's troubles......... (x.xx)The continuing tribulashun's of Her Majesty CEO........ Erotic Art 02/02/17
Rani ki Gand: Maar, Maar,Maar!!!! (x.xx)Sali Maharani ki gand!!!! Erotic Art 06/24/18
Rebellious pets (x.xx)Spanked Wives set fire to wooden Paddles!!!?. Adult Comics 09/14/17
Roland Garros , French Open........ (x.xx)While watchin' French Open my fertile imagination ran wild.. Adult Comics 06/18/17
Role-reversing Femdom into Maledom! (x.xx)there are vast quantities of femdom cartoons floatin' in the Adult Comics 02/20/18
rolereversing Femdomme Bitches into (x.xx)it's 3,200AD and Womyn dominate men : a small fringe group Adult Comics 03/07/18
Root lock or Mool bandh Mudra (x.xx)The Kegelian valve has to be squeezed shut when Orgas Adult Comics 09/21/17
Ruined orgs vs Yog. masturbashun' ! (x.xx)Femdommes believe they invented ruined maleorgasms.......... Adult Comics 09/05/17
Rumble in Mexico: 2 Part Series
Rumble in Mexico ...Pt 01 (x.xx)We are a multiracial couple practising Master-slavegirl Role Adult Comics 04/03/17
Rumble in Mexico ...Pt 02 (x.xx)Our continuing adventure South of the Border Adult Comics 04/04/17
Same Sex Lesbo wedding!!!!! (x.xx)Slut beats Mistress in wrestling competition!!! Erotic Art 11/19/18
Self CBT Yoga (x.xx)Self-flagellation, firm but gentle, of one's own erection... Erotic Art 06/24/18
Self Pussy-Boobs-Butt-Torture Yoga (x.xx)Yoginis do self-Pussy-Boobs-Butt-Torture Yoga on their nubil Erotic Art 07/24/18
Self-Willed Yogic Masturbashun'!!! (x.xx)The hand moves like a blur.....but doth Not touch the Kegel. Adult Comics 08/16/17
Senorita Amazon and her Nerdyslvebo (x.xx)a college researcher nerd goes into Brazilian rainforest to Adult Comics 02/16/18
Sexy Indian BDSM couple...... (x.xx)Sari doth slip...….. Erotic Art 11/08/18
Shameless Slut tattoo (x.xx)Ash9's Shameless Slut Erotic Art 11/30/18
she Hulk's submissive proclivities! (x.xx)She-hulk is a secret Painslut!!! Shhhh! Don't tell!!! Erotic Art 07/28/18
She Hulk: secret painslut!!! (x.xx)An engineer by profession, Dr. Ash9 has created a pneumatic Erotic Art 07/23/18
Shopaholic Yoga Gal!!!! (x.xx)Shopaholic Yoga Gal!!! Erotic Art 01/27/19
Slavegal to a Football hooligan!!! (x.xx)a very ambitious, well-organized, ferociously proud careerwo Erotic Art 06/23/18
Slut Goddess Ceo Cynth. Inc. (x.xx)Humiliations galore.......for uber Feminist Bitch Ceo Erotic Art 02/02/17
Smack: 2 Part Series
Smack the Slut! (x.xx)Spanked butt! Erotic Art 01/06/17
Smack!!! (x.xx)Bottom smacked by a self controlled Yogi !!! Adult Comics 02/02/17
Smacked sweeeties..... (x.xx)Bottoms are reddened Adult Comics 09/17/17
Some Fesse Confessions (x.xx)SPANKING IS THE LIFE Adult Comics 03/09/18
sometimes it happens...... (x.xx)bent over derriere Erotic Art 03/08/18
Spank, Quigong.....Squeeze! (x.xx)An Standard Operating Procedure Erotic Art 02/02/18
Spanked nubile Green Lantern intern (x.xx)Fanboyz'galz: hv U ever seen a GL lady slashed across ass??! Adult Comics 01/24/19
Spanked Slut (x.xx)spankede butt cheek Erotic Art 12/26/16
Spanked Slut1 (x.xx)a slut is spanked with the back of my hand Adult Comics 12/26/16
Spankin' Hubby , Belted Wifey (x.xx)A husband spanks himself as well as his chastity-belted wife Erotic Art 04/20/15
Spankin' Knight , Sobbin' Queen! (x.xx)Sobbin' Queen, Spankin' Knight!! Erotic Art 07/27/18
Spankin'-Quigong-Squeezin' Her Butt (x.xx)This Is A Technque To Convert Vanilla Into Kinky!!! Adult Comics 02/09/18
Spanking implements (x.xx) Erotic Art 02/02/17
Spanking thighs!!! (x.xx)Golden thighs....... Erotic Art 04/07/17
Spanking Vignettes... (x.xx)Sexuality101 Erotic Art 03/14/19
Spankophile spankin' self+Domme (x.xx)self-spankin' Spanko dominates domme Erotic Art 04/28/15
Splayed Buttocks.... (x.xx)as below Erotic Art 12/22/16
Straight spanks Round: 2 Part Series
Straight spanks Round! (x.xx)Geometrical BDSM Erotic Art 10/24/17
Straight spanks Round! Illustrated (x.xx)Geometrical BDSM Erotic Art 06/07/17
Straight spanks Semisphere!!! (x.xx)Geometrical BDSM Erotic Art 02/25/17
Sub Lady CPA and Dom CFO Boss!!!!!! (x.xx)A classified Ad in BDSM mag Janus offers an intriguing job!! Erotic Art 09/06/18
Supergal in Lust (x.xx)Supergal is on a dating app: shhh it's a classified sec Erotic Art 07/27/18
Supergal in Lust!!! (x.xx)Supergal and Dr.Ash!!! the Superheroine & the Genius Sadist! Adult Comics 07/28/18
Superwoman's secret Kryptonite!!! (x.xx)Yogi cum Haushubby Ashton Reddit swiftly turns tables on Ceo Erotic Art 02/02/17
Surprising role reversals seen nowa (x.xx)Todays ' Dommes instead of dominating Male asses prefer bein Adult Comics 07/08/17
SWAMI Asheshananda: OM!!! (x.xx)Wisdom from Himalayas to protect Prostate gland fromCancer Erotic Art 02/19/19
the Geek and the Warior-Woman!!! (x.xx)She is ferocious but bare-assed!!!! Erotic Art 06/24/18
The Giantess and Her Lilliputan Dom (x.xx)The gigantic gal has a secret spanking fetish and a tiny bf. Erotic Art 03/08/18
the rebirth of slave/wimp/insect J (x.xx)Justin is outed Adult Comics 06/23/18
The Red cheeked accountant!?! (x.xx)Accountant makes silly errors in Balance sheet putting her B Erotic Art 08/11/17
The Subordinate is the Mistress!?! (x.xx)Two lady Cops were on Duty at Mumbai's Juhu beach........ Erotic Art 10/05/17
The Tattoo on her Ass (x.xx)She had a Shiv Ling Tat on her right butt chéek........ Erotic Art 02/27/17
Thou art my Lingam! (x.xx)Thou art my Lingam/Phallus Adult Comics 09/28/18
Tokyo Self-Pussy-Boob-Butt-torture- (x.xx)Tokyo S_PBBTY_ dojo!!! Erotic Art 07/28/18
TV heroines whipped by masterful (x.xx)TV soap drama villians whip captured leading ladies across b Erotic Art 08/07/18
TV soaps inspire art!!! (x.xx)TV soaps often have ladies captured by villians!!! Erotic Art 08/08/18
Ultra secret Master's Den!!!! (x.xx)uber secretive Master's Lair !!! Erotic Art 11/29/18
Unholy buttocks..... (x.xx)Whether in thong ....... Adult Comics 06/07/17
War of Sexes (x.xx)Demure hausfrau starts earning Adult Comics 02/15/17
Water-jet'n the Prostate Gl. (x.xx)Water-jet'n the Prostate Gl. Adult Comics 03/04/19
Whipped Slut (x.xx)buttocks whipped vide cane Erotic Art 12/26/16
Yogi Spankington's BDSM FANTASY!!! (x.xx)Yogi Spankington uses spanking and sodomy fantasies to coax Erotic Art 07/09/18
Yogic Hand mudra eroticism (x.xx)Intricate erotic exquisite hand patterns in yoga Erotic Art 01/28/19
Yogic Masturbashun'!!! (x.xx)The hand moves like a blur.....but doth Not touch the Kegel Adult Comics 05/30/18
Yogic masturbation and tge prostate (x.xx)Yogic masturbation prevents prostate cancer !!! Adult Comics 09/20/17
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