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Cette page affiche une liste d'histoires et/ou de poèmes que cet auteur a publié sur Literotica.

A Beautiful Friendship (4.09)Newlyweds enjoy first morning as man and wife. Épouses affectueuses 12/03/02
A Convincing Argument (3.92)She uses her charms to convince her husband to agree. Accouplements Érotiques 08/18/02
A Dance (4.37)Prom offers chance for new relationship to begin. Idylle 06/02/02
A Flying Leap (4.56)Woman overcomes fear for the man she loves.  Hot Fétiche 05/21/02
A Little Harmless Pleasure (4.23)Frustrated pair risk discovery and go at it in their hotel. Accouplements Érotiques 02/26/03
A New Beginning (4.15)A world who's sun has been lost. Sci-Fi & Fantaisie 11/19/02
A Passionate Farewell (4.40)Last night together before school calls them away. La Première Fois 08/16/02
A Short Demonstration (4.39)He's back in her life for a favor she'll never forget. BDSM 02/23/03
A Taboo Trek (4.26)Sister finds warmth in unexpected places after icy plunge. Inceste/Tabou 07/06/02
A Twin's Revenge: 4 Part Series
A Twin's Revenge Ch. 1 (4.20)Claudia persuades Mark to conspire against Amelia. Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 06/22/02
A Twin's Revenge Ch. 2 (4.40)Amelia takes advantage while Mark is driving. Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 06/25/02
A Twin's Revenge Ch. 3 (4.35)Mark goes through with rape as planned. Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 07/02/02
A Twin's Revenge Ch. 4 (4.55)Amelia plots her own revenge against Claudia.  Hot Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 07/04/02
An Eyeful (3.47)18-year-old girl gets eyeful during 'chess' lesson. Humour & Satire 05/22/02
Anticipation (4.10)She is helpless to his whims. Texte avec Audio 07/31/02
April's Bed (4.25)Anticipation can be half the excitement. Jouets érotiques & Masturbation 08/29/03
Better Than Chocolate (4.31)A review on the film by Anne Wheeler. Critiques & Essais 08/20/02
Cara's Jog (4.00)Woman is accosted on her morning jog Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 08/18/02
Cat Tales (4.33)Stories about my real life cats. Non-Erotique 09/07/03
Cat vs. Beast: The Battle Rages (4.51)The cat finds a worthy foe in the corner of the kitchen.  Hot Non-Erotique 08/06/02
Cat Vs. Human: Fight For Control (4.73)They're caught in a visual tug of war.  Hot Non-Erotique 08/28/02
Cat vs. Moth: Fight To The Death (4.52)A small black moth darts across the floor; the cat pounces.  Hot Non-Erotique 09/02/02
Clarafication (4.44)Chance to take advantage, but tables turn. Mec Gai 01/21/03
Come Back To Bed (x.xx)His boyfriend doesn't want him to leave. Mec Gai 01/02/03
Confession to a Lost Love (3.82)Confession of guilt, apology long overdue. Lettres & Transcriptions 06/09/03
Deep Down (4.10)A guide to getting deep...deep throat, that is. Comment Faire 02/23/03
End Game (4.06)Her king falls, her virginity is lost. Anal 10/26/02
Erwartung (3.60)She anticipates what he will do next. Accouplements Érotiques 12/30/02
Förväntan (4.40)Hans händer gled uppför min ryggrad Accouplements Érotiques 08/17/02
Flash Fiction (4.10)A short anthology of short, short stories. Accouplements Érotiques 09/01/02
Fractured (4.38)Unsteady beginnings, unsteady ends, unsteady in-betweens. Du Sexe de Lesbiennes 12/04/05
Good Morning: 2 Part Series
Good Morning Ch. 01 (3.64)Coeds have fun after waking up. Du Sexe de Lesbiennes 09/07/03
Good Morning Ch. 2 (4.15)Boyfriend comes home. BDSM 04/21/02
Hope (4.59)Dom and sub discuss escape.  Hot BDSM 09/11/02
How To Skinny-Dip (4.06)A practical guide for nude fun & safety. Comment Faire 07/10/02
In the Mind of a Pervert (4.55)What she's thinking about.  Hot Critiques & Essais 10/06/02
Intezaar (3.69)Use uski agley chaal ka betaabi se intezaar tha. Accouplements Érotiques 08/04/02
It Happened One Night Ch. 02 (4.30)Adam's boss gets what she deserves  Editor's Pick Histoires en Série 10/22/02
Just Watch (4.39)She's everything he ever imagined & more. Contrôle Mental 07/18/02
Last Night (4.46)Thank you, I love you. I will never be complete without you Accouplements Érotiques 03/27/03
Like A Virgin (4.33)He takes her to new level after discovering her secret. Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 03/07/03
Masseuse-in-Law (4.46)Troy's mother-in-law offers him a backrub. Mûr 07/17/02
Megan & Julie (4.66)Another take on Julie's seduction by her friend Megan.  Hot Du Sexe de Lesbiennes 08/03/02
Overtime (4.27)She's accosted by angry customers after work. Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 05/08/02
Passion in the Workplace (3.35)She doesn't have any passion left for her job; he does Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 06/09/03
Persian Princess Ch. 01 (4.21)Amira and Sadira's story. Sci-Fi & Fantaisie 12/19/02
Pirate's Bounty (4.15)Attack leaves woman helpless in captain's arms. Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 06/24/02
Plein la Vue! (2.74)'An Eyeful' translated to French. Exhibitionniste & Voyeur 08/21/02
Possession (3.73)He makes her his own. Horreur Erotique 08/17/03
Power Exchange Ch. 1 (4.50)Charlie lays down the law.  Hot Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 08/06/02
Private Lessons (4.37)Student seeks help from sexy professor. Accouplements Érotiques 04/27/02
Release At Last (4.40)He surprises her with a long awaited evening. Idylle 02/01/03
Rewarding Wesley (4.47)Mistress gives her sub a much deserved reward. BDSM 09/24/02
Room Three Sixty Six (4.41)Crossdresser takes a step into another realm. Transsexuels & Travestis 08/09/02
Stranger on a Strange Train (4.22)At first she was reluctant, but there is pleasure to be had. Sexe en Groupe 01/03/03
Summertime Blues (4.21)Husband suggests she buy something to fill her time. Jouets érotiques & Masturbation 12/27/02
Temptation (4.23)Chris means to win her, but she sees only fun Lettres & Transcriptions 07/24/03
The Alternative: 2 Part Series
The Alternative Ch. 1 (4.53)Amanda's past catches up with her.  Hot Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 04/23/02
The Alternative Ch. 2 (4.61)Amanda's former secretary is involved in the scene.  Hot Non Consentement / À contre-cœur 04/30/02
The Express (4.13)Bus driver watches couple get frisky. Exhibitionniste & Voyeur 05/01/02
The First Lesson: 2 Part Series
The First Lesson Ch. 1 (4.29)An older woman plays footsie with Emily. Du Sexe de Lesbiennes 09/08/02
The First Lesson Ch. 2 (4.36)The lesson continues at Tiffany's place. Du Sexe de Lesbiennes 10/16/02
The Good Boy (4.31)Woman seduces younger virgin neighbor. Mûr 06/27/03
The Indoor Age (4.14)A rant about a whole hour spent without any electricity. Non-Erotique 06/09/03
Tief Hinein (3.91)Eine einfache Anleitung, ihn tief hinein zu bekommen; tief Comment Faire 08/08/03
Un Oeil Plein (2.82)Une fille de 18 ans recoit un oeil plein pendant une lecon. Accouplements Érotiques 08/15/02
Understanding (3.95)I need to understand, so that I won't be afraid Lettres & Transcriptions 06/25/03
What're Friends For? (4.29)Rachel's friend takes care of her after painful break-up. Du Sexe de Lesbiennes 04/26/02
Why They Don't Work (4.38)Threesomes, doomed from the start. Critiques & Essais 03/19/03
You're Not Alone (3.41)She feels a presense in the house. Non-Humain 01/03/03
A Cat's Game (3.75) De la Poésie Illustrée 10/22/02
Addiction (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/03/03
Aftermath of an Argument (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/10/03
All I Need (4.27) De la Poésie Avec de l’Audio 03/04/03
Answer (4.24) De la Poésie Avec de l’Audio 03/11/03
AOHell (4.25) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/14/02
B/D/S Themed Shorts (3.92) De la Poésie Erotique 06/25/02
Cursed (3.75) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/15/03
Distrubance (4.67) De la Poésie Erotique 03/03/03
Don't Judge Me (4.25) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/04/03
Feline Related Haikus (4.33) Poésie Non-Erotique 07/19/02
Five Short Poems Dedicated to Cats (4.71) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/25/02
Four Walls (3.35) De la Poésie Illustrée 11/09/02
Freedom Won (4.25) De la Poésie Erotique 02/20/03
Frozen Water (3.64) De la Poésie Illustrée 12/11/02
Frustration (2.80) De la Poésie Erotique 02/01/03
Gaggle of Geese (4.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/10/03
Hand Themed Short Poems (4.33) De la Poésie Erotique 06/25/02
Head and Face Themed Short Poems (4.33) De la Poésie Erotique 06/25/02
Imperfection (4.31) De la Poésie Illustrée 01/02/03
Jump Back! (4.61)  Hot De la Poésie Illustrée 03/15/03
Locked In (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 02/19/03
Lost Chances (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/10/03
Nature Themed Short Poems (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/25/02
Nothing Changes (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 02/28/03
Oral Sex; Six Haikus (4.24) De la Poésie Erotique 07/07/02
Please Want Me (3.00) De la Poésie Erotique 06/08/03
Posessed (4.25) De la Poésie Erotique 03/04/03
Random Short Poem Collection (4.20) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/25/02
Self-Portrait Of Misery (4.30) De la Poésie Illustrée 03/22/03
She Glares (3.72) De la Poésie Illustrée 11/09/02
The Calico's Tale (4.67) Poésie Non-Erotique 06/25/02
The Scarf (4.31) De la Poésie Illustrée 02/12/03
Three Short Erotic Poems (4.11) De la Poésie Erotique 06/25/02
To "Anonymous" (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/27/03
To Start The Day (5.00) De la Poésie Erotique 02/28/03
Upside down and inside out (4.36) Poésie Non-Erotique 05/07/03
Waking in the Night (4.50) De la Poésie Erotique 07/07/02
Waves of Time (3.86) De la Poésie Illustrée 01/02/03
You're Still Sleeping (5.00) Poésie Non-Erotique 03/09/03
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