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Cette page affiche une liste d'histoires, de poèmes et d'auteurs que ce membre préfère. Ce ne sont pas des textes écrits par ce membre - ce sont quelques-uns de ses textes et auteurs favoris de Literotica.

JorisKHuysmans  - 50 Histoires, 0 Poèmes,  Illustrations
Envoyé(e) par
Penis Cream - A great cream for his penis.Blackz_Sidez (4.35) 05/12/05
The Whole Wide World - Big teens give each other what others won't.nitelite33 (4.50) 02/16/03
There For The Taking - Son finds mom out cold & decides to indulge himself.Rambler (4.49) 11/05/01
My First Time - He loses his virginity to a big beautiful girl.uticanyrick (3.68) 11/15/04
Plump Beach Girl - First time anal with fat girl on beach.plumperlover (4.55) 10/21/06
Ashley's Angelic - Young man is friends with voluptuous woman but wants more!drteetho (4.60) 07/27/11
Using The Back Door - Two anal virgins want to do it together.Otazel (4.64) 03/13/06
Family Fucking Down on the Farm - Horny mother and virgin daughter seduce uncle.JustinNickThyme (4.06) 10/25/06
Self Esteem - Brother helps hot BBW sister learn to love her body.drewdelores (4.50) 12/15/10
Sitting on My Son's Lap - A five hour car ride to college.retired04 (4.47) 08/14/09
Fat Bottom Sister - My wiccan sister decides to use me for sex magic rituals.guyver0335 (3.90) 10/16/11
My Wonderful Uncle John - My sister and I seduce our big uncle John.Sweetness (4.15) 11/27/08
My Wonderful Uncle John Ch. 02 - Deeper exploration of the backside.Sweetness (4.24) 01/29/09
Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 01 - Niece sees uncle naked and returns the favor.AllSoTwisted (4.37) 01/28/09
Sis - Little Sis is a hottie.TryAnything (4.64) 03/19/03
First Time With My Sister - A brother's first time having sex with his sister.stlimanika (3.95) 12/02/11
Uncle Jack Gives Lessons Holly - Innocent Holly learns how to give pleasure to her Uncle.sassypeach (4.47) 03/04/08
The Nurse Practitioner - Visiting the doctor never used to be like this!tadgh64 (4.53) 11/29/11
Loving My Step Dad - She loses her virginity to her step dad.deepemerald (4.37) 07/31/02
My Weekend Alone With Sis - His first time with his sister, Ashley.FatKid13 (3.65) 02/18/04
Double D - A sister gives brother use of all her holes to use.Nemasis Enforcer (4.44) 12/23/08
Grotte d'Inceste - Where better to seduce one's chubby sister?drewdelores (4.47) 12/26/11
Fitting End to a F--king Lousy Date - Bad date saved at home .dezurtdawg (4.59) 05/14/11
Daddy's Shocking Discovery - Daddy discovers his little girl's secret!_Kushiel_ (4.63) 01/30/12
Mom Fulfills Son's Desires - Son pesters mom until she gives in.NakdSalr (4.54) 08/09/03
Looking Good - Two BBW sisters discover each other.Chrissy_BBW_Bi (4.46) 09/15/02
Jeremy's Education - Jeremy's mother provides a unique opportunity for sex ed.JackFlash1959 (4.50) 10/11/11
Uncle Fucks Drunk Niece - Uncle takes advantage of drunken virgin niece.KEVGOW (4.10) 05/12/08
My Helper - His mother acts as his nurse while he is incapacitated.Jazid2 (4.37) 11/09/02
Bosom Buddies Ch. 01 - A nerd befriends the 5 hottest girls in school.bosombuddies (4.58) 11/14/11
Dream Date! - Brother and sister find a way to entertain themselves!L.A. Wicker (4.45) 03/30/12
Raping Chay - Teacher is fed up with cockteasing daughter.tempted_teacher (4.38) 05/03/04
A Daughter Belongs to her Daddy - Daddy much teach his naughty daughter a lesson the hard way.Kasey18 (4.21) 07/28/07
Truth or Dare with my Sister-in-Law - Adult Car Games.CDarcy (4.37) 04/23/12
A BBW Learns of Life and Enjoys It - She'd never had a date and then one day she learned of men.Xesevoli (4.33) 05/18/12
My Time By The River - Alone and then... only superlatives.Xesevoli (4.25) 06/09/12
Lube Job - BBW mechanic does much more than fix fat-admirer's car.BartlebyWaylon (4.23) 08/30/11
Spying on My Virgin Niece - Man spies on niece; she makes the first move.Frisky George (4.44) 04/21/07
'Extra' Coaching - Curvy cougar loses ass virginity to young muscled swim coach.bbw4youngercocks1 (4.16) 06/14/12
Lonely and Pregnant - Rejected by her husband she needs love.amorone (4.35) 02/28/10
Mother Catches Son - Read the dirty dialogue when a mother catches her son.4BIDDEN (4.06) 08/26/02
A Case of the Chicken Pox - A brother helps his sister deal with her chicken pox.CrazyCoolGuy (4.35) 07/31/11
She Was My Sister! - A man finds lost family, and true love, all in the family.biggshow13 (4.61) 08/17/06
El Viernes Próximo - After-hours in the office leads to anal with the help.GregDee (4.12) 03/08/07
Bound For My Daddy - Lusting father takes advantage of his daughter's situation.lovecraft68 (4.68) 09/07/12
Starting My Last Semester - Two BBW virgins decide it is time to become women.5425TVR (4.31) 04/23/12
Educating Ellie Ch. 01 - BBW loses her virginity to her best friend's husband.Eosphorus (4.41) 08/30/12
Big Daddy Comes Knocking - Come here, Daddy, she said. Mama needs an ass fucking.AreaMan (4.48) 03/10/11
Mom Takes A Ride - Mother rides on son's lap in pick-up.NakdSalr (4.48) 02/12/01
The Other Side of the Wall - He services big, anal-fetish girl as she services gloryhole.Archer2050 (4.63) 10/08/07
Accidents Happen! - A brother and sister make a discovery.stewartlinda (4.57) 12/12/09
Big Sister, Best Friend - Two siblings who are best friends take it further.McCrazy23 (4.13) 01/29/14
Horny, Pregnant and Dripping Ch. 01 - Computer guy eases pregnant coworker's tension.xxistential (4.69) 02/19/05
My History with Mom - How son went from masturbation to incest.niemand1994 (4.62) 08/23/14
Hiking with Uncle Dan - Uncle enjoying nature with niece Amanda.MisterReason (4.39) 10/20/12
Sandra Turns Over - BBW wife Sandra lets him explore a new frontier.JorisKHuysmans (3.99) 12/15/07
Daddy Shoots Deep - Daughter seduces daddy into taking her virginity.goolovergirl (4.43) 10/20/10
Christian Housekeeper's First Anal - First time.trevorb968 (4.58) 03/08/10
Heavy Sister - A brother comforts his overweight sister.standingstones (4.08) 07/16/13
Porn at Work - Older lady catches me jacking off at work.dan_tofuk (4.28) 10/19/09
Dirty Little Fucker! - Anal antics in the family!Chris7sw (4.59) 11/05/14
Being Busted Brings Benefits - Mother catches son jacking.jasliz (4.61) 04/15/12
Church Lady: Sunday School Surprise - Teen Boy gets an extra lesson after Sunday School.1sickbastard (4.42) 11/27/14
First Time with Mummy - He gets a big surprise when mum catches him wanking.SonofGondor (4.21) 09/03/14
Making Out With Mom - He gets to know his mother REALLY well.chunks (4.63) 07/09/06
Fun on Uncle's Lap - Voluptuous niece finds more than comfort on uncle's lap.blou83 (4.06) 09/19/05
Watching a Movie with my Mother-In-Law - Up early with my MIL watching a movie.matterikson (4.26) 01/05/15
Cryopreservation Ch. 02 - On chemo, he gets help from his nurse cousin.ChibiNeku (4.46) 02/17/09
Behind The Shed - Siblings find a fun activity to do together...Cphucker (4.81) 05/30/14
Your Grandpa's Funny - Voyeuristic old-timer thought his playing days were over.MisterReason (4.22) 01/09/15
Mom Was Wrong - A daughter proves her mother is wrong about fathers.NTsarina (4.36) 12/19/14
Big Girls Don't Cry - Two 'big girl' sisters have fun in barn with brother.MrJack (4.45) 05/30/08
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